Carefully Choose Your Medical Supply Distributor ( admin posted on June 8th, 2014 )

When it comes to cheap medical supplies, there are a lot of companies both offline and online vying for your business. Like in any industry, you get the good, the bad and the ugly. Some companies should be completely avoided, others can be approached with confidence. Choose with care to find the right fit for you.

For starters, you want a company that cares about more than just the bottom line. To figure out whether the company that you are dealing with is worth dealing with, read the tips below.

Start off by dealing with a branded company, not an affiliate marketer – the branded company will work at building a relationship with good suppliers to the benefit of clients. An affiliate marketer is not as fussy about who they will deal with. In need, consult the Better Business Bureau about the company concerned.

Is the website genuine? Has it been thrown together in a hurry or has some thought been put into it? Has it been made to look like a clone of a well-know company – big warning bells. A legitimate company wants to build its own brand, not hang on the coattails of another company. They should have taken the trouble to secure the site and to make sure that the internet server is secure.

Check their return policy next – hopefully you will not need to return anything but what happens if you do? Look at their terms and conditions – are they reasonable about what can be returned? Will you get money back? Be especially careful of companies who are not willing to credit you with cash.

How can you pay for goods? A legitimate company knows that people want options when it comes to paying. They should accept all the main credit cards and should also allow for alternative payment systems such as PayPal, etc. Alternatively see if you are able to open an account and pay via EFT – especially if you will be doing large orders. Also have a look at how they secure the information – you want some kind of assurance that the payment information is secure. A legitimate company understands that and does not want clients to have their details splashed all over the internet. They will pay that bit extra to ensure that your information, as well as their own information, is safe and secure.